Innovative Program at Cincinnati State Offers Debt Forgiveness Incentive for Former Students

Wednesday, 10 July 2024, 22:20

Cincinnati State introduces a groundbreaking program that helps students eliminate up to $1,000 in school debt. By leveraging the influence of former students, the initiative aims to re-engage with those who were near completion but didn't graduate. This student-centered approach fosters better communication and support within the university community, ultimately increasing student success rates.

Cincinnati State Program Forgiving School Debt

A new initiative at Cincinnati State is forgiving up to $1,000 in school debt for returning students.

Influential Student Outreach

The program utilizes former students to connect with and support those who were close to graduation but didn't complete their studies.

Enhanced Communication and Support

  • Empowering Students: By involving former students in the outreach efforts, the program promotes a sense of community and support within the university.
  • Improved Success Rates: The student-centered approach is designed to increase student retention and graduation rates.

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