R&D without limits. Social network for researchers and universities.


R&D findings from all over the world

Get introduced to the researchers and inventors from dozens of institutions in your field of interest from all over the world in one space and time.

Share / lend laboratory or equipment all over the world for R&D experiments.

Only practical-oriented research

Discover disrupting research findings and non-academic inventions to become the leader in your industry.

Collaborate with academic and non-academic researchers to set new trends and command the industry. 

Choose among recent scientific findings, developments, concepts, and inventions proved by practical evidence.

Personal Assistant Service Tools

We provide all necessary tools for you to avoid excessive routine and to focus exactly on your goals:

* Built-in heuristic search engine with detailed specification will provide profiles of the exact research in which you are interested;
* Man-reviewed profiles of research to assure practical evidence of the research (rating)
* Marketing suggestions how to make your inquiry more attractive
* Research management consulting
* Assurance of the confidential data sharing by special encryption and legal assistance etc.

How it works

Simple steps to great results

* Create profile (Researcher, Independent inventor, Academic institution, NGO, Company)
* Choose field(s) of interest
* Submit request (Research, funding, Grant, Job, R&D project, etc)
* Choose best alternative among suggested ones
* Put together mutual science-driven team
* Secure your intellectual rights
* Start R&D project!

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