Ukrainian Science Club (USC) - Український науковий клуб (УНК) · About


The Ukrainian Science Club (USC) is a non-profit NGO which was founded in 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine. USC was organized to promote education and science reform in Ukraine. USC functions as “think tank”. It conducts independent analytical research and monitoring of education, science and technology development in Ukraine and worldwide. USC also informs broader public on latest news, developments, discoveries and innovations in education, science and technology through bilingual site In fact, USC is organization of experts in education, science, technology and policy development in those fields.

USC’s goal is to unite Ukrainian scientists to promote education and science infrastructure reform in Ukraine in such a way as to enable Ukraine to pursue world class basic research, and so that processes, financing, and regulations within the scientific domain can function effectively, taking example from the world’s best science communities and practices. 

USC has started by inviting the best Ukrainian scientists based on an objective evaluation of their competencies and high moral standards. This will help to create a respected and influential organization, which will have the capacity to independently audit, develop strategies for reorganizing science and education in Ukraine, and advocate the interests of science by lobbying the government.