Socialise your search results - collect, share and exchange your knowledge (Social Search Engine)
Manage and adjust your search results; information is provided in the best and most comfortable way
Information is prepared for humans rather than robots (Human-to-Human Interface)
Return your focus and attention to your needs and interests
Remove machine distortion from search results
Relevant search results that always on their known places

Have you come across something useful? Neuron it in LivaRava! No need to like or retweet it only to save information for yourself. From now on you can do it much simpler and more efficiently. What's more, you will always find your knowledge at its place.

Artem Kariavka Entrepreneur

Livarava became really important part of my daily life on the Internet. Due to its functionality now I find any information that I structured or someone else from users. Very glad that I can manage knowledge and add them my own account in this wonderful service.

Maxim Babich SEO-expert

I like that I can store in LivaRava any information and organize it in the way I want.

Andriy Lach Developer

LivaRava has changed my way of surfing the web. When working with large volumes of information, especially when you want to seize everything at the same time, there is a big chance to drown in it and not get out. Or lose something important, putting it into bookmarks or another service and to forget where it is.

Oleksiy Kharchenko PR-manager

Apart from the ability to structure information, I also like that I can decide what to restrict access to: what to keep for your private use and what to make publicly available. Furthermore, what appeals me is that it is flexible and can be potential scalable that enables its application for personal use and for corporate purposes.

Sergiy Sachuk Lawyer
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LivaRava Framework is a simple and convenient platform for developing web sites.

LivaRava Framework allows you quickly deploy websites of any complexity from small websites to complex heavy web services.

LivaRava Framework allows you develop multilingual sites with unique design and functionality, different types of databases, depending on the your service needs.

LivaRava Framework