LivaRava Business

Unlock the full potential of your business with LivaRava Business, our comprehensive CRM system coupled with powerful planning tools, analytics, and AI assistance. From managing customer relationships to generating financial documents, our integrated platform offers the tools you need to succeed.


Advanced CRM functionalities for efficient customer management

Robust planning tools to streamline workflows and optimize resources

Actionable analytics for data-driven insights and informed decision-making

AI-powered assistance to automate tasks and enhance productivity

Why your business needs CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is essential for businesses looking to thrive in today's competitive landscape. It enables you to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers, streamline sales processes, and drive growth. With CRM, you can effectively track interactions, manage leads, and personalize marketing efforts, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Gain insights into customer behavior, identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, and stay ahead of the competition. Invest in CRM to optimize your business operations, increase revenue, and foster long-term success.

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LivaRava Sites

Build stunning websites in minutes with LivaRava Sites, our intuitive website engine designed for professionals and beginners alike. Create single or multi-page sites with ease, and establish your online presence quickly and efficiently.


Intuitive website engine for rapid site creation

Versatile platform suitable for professionals and beginners

Flexible customization options to reflect your brand identity

Quick setup and hassle-free maintenance for ongoing convenience

Why your business needs site

LR Sites empowers businesses of all sizes to establish a professional online presence effortlessly. With intuitive tools and customizable templates, LR Sites enables you to create stunning websites quickly and efficiently. Whether you're a seasoned web developer or a novice, LR Sites offers the flexibility and functionality you need to showcase your brand, attract customers, and drive growth. Elevate your online presence with LR Sites and unlock new opportunities for success.

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LivaRava Mail

Elevate your communication game with LivaRava Mail, a modern email service tailored to your needs. With a user-friendly interface and customizable domain options, stay connected with clients and colleagues effortlessly.


Modern email service with customizable domain addresses

User-friendly interface for seamless communication

Easy integration with other LivaRava products for enhanced functionality

Tailored solutions to adapt to your business requirements

Why your business needs email service

Email remains a cornerstone of modern communication for businesses, making reliable email services essential. With a dependable email platform, you can ensure seamless communication with clients, partners, and employees. Good email services offer features like custom domain addresses, robust spam filtering, and secure encryption, enhancing professionalism and trustworthiness. Moreover, efficient email management streamlines workflows, boosts productivity, and enables timely responses, ultimately contributing to improved customer relationships and business success. Invest in good email services to elevate your communication capabilities and drive growth for your business.

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LivaRava Neuronet

Collaborate seamlessly with LivaRava Neuronet, our innovative online workspace that fosters teamwork and efficiency. With neurons as elements and axons as connections, create shared spaces tailored to your specific needs, from file management to scientific collaboration.


Collaborative online space for efficient teamwork

Flexible architecture with neurons and axons for customizable setups

Foundation for other LivaRava products, enabling seamless integration

Versatile functionality for diverse applications, from file management to scientific collaboration

Why you need good communication in business and science

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in both business and science. LivaRava Neuronet provides a powerful platform that facilitates seamless communication and collaboration, enabling teams to achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

In business, clear communication is essential for building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. It fosters trust, enhances teamwork, and ensures that everyone is aligned towards common objectives. With LivaRava Neuronet, teams can communicate in real-time, share ideas, and collaborate on projects regardless of geographical boundaries or time zones. This promotes innovation, accelerates decision-making, and drives business growth.

In the field of science, collaboration is vital for advancing research and solving complex problems. LivaRava Neuronet offers a dynamic workspace where researchers can connect, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects. By breaking down silos and facilitating interdisciplinary communication, LivaRava Neuronet accelerates the pace of discovery, leading to groundbreaking innovations and scientific breakthroughs.

Whether you're a business professional or a scientist, good communication is essential for success. With LivaRava Neuronet, you can harness the power of effective communication to unlock new opportunities, drive collaboration, and achieve your goals with confidence.

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Integrated Ecosystem

Experience the synergy of LivaRava's integrated ecosystem, where our products seamlessly collaborate to enhance your business operations. By harnessing the power of integration, you unlock a myriad of benefits that drive efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Streamlined Workflow

With all your essential tools in one cohesive ecosystem, eliminate the hassle of navigating between disparate platforms. Enjoy a seamless workflow that saves time and boosts productivity.

Cost Efficiency

By consolidating your digital solutions within the LivaRava ecosystem, enjoy cost savings through streamlined operations and reduced overheads. Maximize your return on investment while minimizing expenses.

Centralized Management

Simplify your administrative tasks with centralized management capabilities. From user access control to data administration, manage everything from a single, intuitive interface.

Scalable Solutions

As your business evolves, our integrated ecosystem grows with you. Scale effortlessly by adding new products or expanding existing functionalities, ensuring that your digital infrastructure remains agile and adaptable.

Data Cohesion

Integration ensures that your data remains coherent across all LivaRava products. Say goodbye to data silos and inconsistencies, as information flows seamlessly between applications, providing a unified view of your business operations.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your business data and operations with LivaRava's integrated ecosystem. Benefit from robust security measures and centralized access controls, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Digital Excellence

In today's dynamic digital landscape, achieving excellence is paramount to success. At LivaRava, we're committed to empowering businesses with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in the digital realm.

Analytics Insight: Leverage actionable insights derived from advanced analytics to make informed decisions and drive business growth. Our analytics solutions provide valuable data-driven insights, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Team Collaboration: Foster a culture of collaboration and innovation with LivaRava's collaborative tools. From shared workspaces to real-time communication channels, empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of location or time zone.

Communication Agility: Adapt to the changing communication landscape with agility and precision. With LivaRava's communication solutions, stay connected with clients and colleagues across multiple channels, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration.

Continuous Learning: Stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies through continuous learning and development. Our commitment to education ensures that you remain at the forefront of digital innovation, driving growth and success for your business.

Customer-Centric Approach: Put your customers at the heart of everything you do with LivaRava's customer-centric solutions. From personalized marketing campaigns to exceptional customer service, exceed customer expectations and build lasting relationships.

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