Артем Карявка

Сhief Executive Officer

A programming expert who manages to combine modern IT technologies and neuroscience, and psychology, and, having strong technical and mathematical knowledge, finds interesting technological solutions. Ideological inspirer of the LivaRava team, and mentor in project management. He is the initiator of the project, the main products of the brand, and the co-founder of the high-tech IT company LivaRava. He is sincere in his communications and will gladly share his experience and solutions on how to improve life by applying knowledge. How to turn practical knowledge into real value, what modern technologies have to do with it, what is a real investment that can create capital - all this from Artem Karyavka's direct personal and entrepreneurial experience, as well as many other relevant topics, you can read, listen, watch on media channels.

Artem Kariavka