Frequently asked questions

What is LivaRava?

LivaRava is a web service that helps you organize and share your knowledge in the most convenient way with neurons and axons.

What is a neuron?

Neuron is a basic unit of information and knowledge that is used in LivaRava to store such information or knowledge. Typically, neuron can be a piece of text, link, image, audio and video files.

What is an axon?

Axon is a link between neurons. Axons can be public or private. Public axons are visible for everybody, whereas private ones are for yourself and for those who you share the axon with.

How to neuron or how to create neurons and axons?

Under “neuroning” we understand creation of neurons (pieces of data) and axons (connections between the pieces of data). You can do it via a simple and intuitive interface we have developed. Just search for a piece of knowledge and start neuroning.

Enter in the search box your preferred word. If a neuron exists, select it from the drop-down menu. If there are no matches - click on the search. Then your neuron will be the first in the system. After that, click on the right button "Neuron it", and enter a different neuron associated with the previous one. Thus, you will create a connection between two neurons - the axon.

What gives the subscription to neurons?

To receive updates to neuron, new axons or comments, you can subscribe to it. When registering, you are given 3 free subscriptions. You can increase the number of subscriptions by changing the tariff plan.

What gives me the paid tariff plan?

Firstly, each plan includes the certain number of data storage in LivaRava Cloud to store your Neurons and Axons.

What benefits of the business account?

Business account gives additional opportunities for professional neuroning, including an extended multineuroning form and a more powerful tool for promoting your neurons to the public.

How to register?

At the moment, you can register using invites which have been sent to you by registered users.

What is an invite?

Invite is an invitation to register. You can send the invite to one person at the moment. Once the person you invited has registered, you may send another invite. Each registered user that came after your invitation becomes your referral.

Is there a referral system?

Yes. Each registered user invited by you is your referral. Everyone you invite will bring $10 into your account. If your referral adds $25 or more to his balance with one or several payments, your account will be automatically topped-up with $25.

Can I invite more than one person?

Yes. To invite the next person it is necessary that the previous one you invited has registered. To speed up the registration you can contact that person. If this does not work out for some time, you can delete the invite and send the new one to any other email address.

How to change the avatar?

To do this go to your "Profile" and click on the picture of your avatar, or go to "Settings" and select the appropriate section.

How do I view my list of neurons?

In the left menu dropdown select "Neurons".

How do I view my list of axons?

In the left menu dropdown select "Axons".

Is it possible to make my public axons private?

Yes. To do this go to "Axons" and choose public or private on the right side.

How to remove axons?

Go to "Axons" and hit delete on the right side.

Where to reset the account password?

Go to "Settings" and select "Change Password".

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